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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide boarding in your home? 
No, I no longer provide boarding in my home. Pets are much less stressed when they are in the familiar surroundings of their own home. It is also much less stressful on my pets and my family.

Do you offer overnight stays in my home? 
No, I have a full house of human kids and my own pets that need me at home. I am not able to provide overnight services.

Is it okay to have my friend or family come to my house and feed my pets while you are pet sitting?
No, I do not job share. This means if you hire me, no other person can come into your home and take care of the pets. I cannot be liable for any accidents or harm that may come your pets or your home while you are away. 

Do you take in injured or abandoned wildlife?
No, I am not licensed to care of wildlife.  

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, I do have a cancellation policy. Please see the "forms" section of my website and look in "Policies and Guidelines".

Can you come walk my dog if I let you know the day before?
No, I do not work "on call". I schedule daily walks for the week (Monday - Friday) and do not take last minute requests. I require at least 2 scheduled daily walks per week. 

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